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    Question on limit on Number of tags




      We are hosting pi webservice and one of our clients when tries to access 500+ tags, he gets an error. However, he is able to fetch 300-350 tags all at once. I tried to increase uploadreadaheadsize and maxAllowedContentLength parameters for IIS 7.5 but that did not help. I was wondering whether this is a limitation of pi webservice or I am missing something. Any suggestions?





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          What's the exact error/exception you are getting?




          I haven't had this with PI Webservices, but with WCF services in general:


          Have you checked the maxReceivedMessageSize on both client and server? (for the server it should be web.config), on the client it depends on what the client is (.NET app, BizTalk, InfoPath, etc).

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              Like Michael, I think we won't be able to help you much without the specific error/exception message you are getting. This can be happening at a few different levels: Michael highlighted the maxReceivedMessageSize parameter (see the "Control Message Size" section in the PI Web Services User Manual), but depending on how many values you are trying to retrieve, it could also be a setting on the PI Server side. Indeed, the ArcMaxCollect setting precludes from retrieving too many values - you can read more about this in the PI Server docs, or ask our Tech Support about this one, since this is more of a system administration question.