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    A short and sweet tour of OSIsoft vCampus

    Ahmad Fattahi

      Steve has been busy lately but not too busy to forget vCampus! He has made this awesome video tour of OSIsoft vCampus. The important point is that we have made the video accessible to anyone regardless of their vCampus membership. So please feel free to share it with any potential interested person or organization. The old saying about parties would well fit to our vCampus: the more the merrier


      By the way, there is also a link to the video on vCampus landing page under "WHAT IS OSISOFT VIRTUAL CAMPUS?" section.

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          Thanks Ahmad, although I wouldn't go as far as to say it's 'awesome'


          I was recently asked about giving a "tour" of the vCampus - which we did several times - and I thought I couldn't help with these tours as much as I previously could, before moving to Product Management... so might as well help the vCampus team and record it for good! I also thought it would be great to have a quick video to share even before people ask, and without having to schedule a meeting with a vCampus team member.


          This particular request was in the context of an "Enterprise" vCampus license, where the purchaser wanted an easy way to communicate what vCampus is and how to use it, to all of his subscribers... and here is the result


          BTW, I am sure everybody would benefit from watching this at least once (even old timers!) - of course not for my french-canadian accent, but rather for the little tips and tricks I threw in there, which you might not know about. Spread the good news!