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Discussion created by ygalipeau on Nov 18, 2010
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good morning


regarding the new AF CTP i have a question regarding the primary reference for event frame and tag reference.


if an event frame attribute template is a PI Tag reference like %Element%.%Attribute% and i checked the tag creation checkbox and my tag settings are ptclassname=classic;pointtype=Float32.


when i create an event frame associated to my template and link it to an af element (which will be my primary ref) should the pi tag be created then in the PI Server? 


For example, i have a Paper Reel event frame template with a moisture attribute as describe above. if i create R1 and associate it to the af element Machine1 i would expect the tag Machine1.Moisture to be created. for R2 on Machine2 would create Machine2.Moisture...


i was not able to make this works. is there something that i am missing here?