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    PIServer2010 upgrade problems with AF after machine rename


      Don't know if this is where this should live, or maybe it sould be a support call.


      I am trying to upgrade my PI Server 3.4.380 dest/dev/play system to PI 2010. The issue seems to be related to the fact that the machine name was changed a while ago, from "CSDL3148Client" to "PIServer". All was working fine though, until the upgrade.


      SQLServer Express was already installed.


      I installed AF2010 and I don't recall any problems. I think I would have noticed if it had been installed using the old machine name.


      I upgraded SMT to SMT2010. Again, no problems.


      I tried to run the MDB to AF Preparation Wizard and it tried to connect to CSDL3148Client (the old machine name) for the AF database.


      I then tried to run AF Explorer and it also tries to connect to CSDL3148Client as the AF Server. The new name "PIServer" does not even appear in the list.


      I searched the registry and found numerous mentions of CSDL3148Client and changed them all to "PIServer" and performed a system reboot but this has not changed anything.


      I have search C:\PI and C:\Program Files\PIPC for any mention of "csdl3148" but only found it in log files.


      Where else do I need to look in order to complete this name change?




      --- Alistair.