Can't access to AF Database from PI Webparts. Error: Query didn't pass security validation.

Discussion created by retetes on Nov 23, 2010
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I have a problem with PI Webparts. The point is when i add a webpart (pi trend or pitreeview in example) I can't browse AF elements. I have no problem to browse for tags on pi server from webparts. It is only with AF elements.


Pi server is diferent from afserver, and they are not in any domain. The administrator user is the same on both servers and with the same password.


I get the following Error:


Failed to get Elements: [PI SQL (AF) Service] Access denied. Query didn't pass security validation.


I attach image.


I browse for this error and i found a post with similar problem but finally the problem of this guy was that he had PI SQL Trusted Group empty.


I had a look to AppPool identity and it is predefined ("network service"). I tried to change it to administrator user but does not start properly the apppool sending a message to eventviewer with "The identity of application pool 'StsAppPool1' is invalid" but i set to administrator account. I don't know why is invalid. Anyway it sould work with predefined identity.


Network Service is included on every system groups (AF SQL Trusted, AF Servers, AF Link, PI data services, PI webparts admin).


I don't really know what's the problem.


Any help would be really appreciated.


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