Can PI TreeView Webpart be used to navigate between different PI Graphics?

Discussion created by david@realiv on Nov 24, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2010 by andreas

Hi guys,


I'm currently working on building some web pages with PI Webpart.


As far as I know, a typical usage for PI TreeView is that you can create several structure-similiar elements, build a processbook graphic according to one element, and then connect them in Webparts. By this you can navigate between these AF elements and graphic information with modify accordingly.


But the foundation is that element attributes structures should be the same so they can share one processbook graphic.


While my question is, assuming I have 2 elements: a pump and a motor, they are totally different in attribute structure, hence has a different graphic for each. Now I want to navigate between them in webparts, which is to say, when I click one instrument, pump or motor, in PI TreeView, PI Graphic shall modify accordingly


Is this possible? How?


Thanks for the answering!