Timestamps returned from PI Web Service

Discussion created by ACL427 on Dec 1, 2010
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Hi All,


I'm pulling back data from a pi server using Web Services and am recieving data with timestamps in the future.  Both my machine and the server are in the same time zone (Pacific).  The administrator reports the  time on the server is correct.


The documentation says:




Timestamps Returned



Timestamps returned by all PI Web Services methods are defined as absolute (page 6) timestamps in UTC format, which translates to ISO 8601 UTC when represented in XML as a string. As a result, clients will typically determine the local time zone and perform the desired conversion and will adjust for variations such as DST.


I don't think I am doing anything to shift the time.  I'm just displaying the Time from a Time Series Value. My guess is .NET is doing some translation.  For example I just submitted a request at 5:00 pm Pacific and many of the timestamps returned are 11:46 PM.  Current UTC time is about 1:00 am but I'm not seeing any values at that time.  I"m wondering if this is just stale data and I need to perform a shift.


Has anyone seen this issue before? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!