64 bit PI-SDK about a magnitude slower at pulling data than the 32 bit PI-SDK

Discussion created by abantly on Dec 9, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2010 by Ahmad Fattahi

The SDK methods RecordedValues, RecordedValuesByCount, InterpolatedValues2, InterpolatedValues, TimedValues, Summaries2, Summaries are close to about a magnitude slower in 64 bits as they are in 32 bits.  I wrote some visual basic scripts that pull summary data using the Summaries2 method that highlight the disparity.


Using the randomly generated tags BA:CONC.1, BA:LEVEL.1, and BA:TEMP.1 for 1 day of summary data at 1 minute intervals returns the following timing.


BA:CONC.1 32 bits = .04 seconds, 64 bits = .31 seconds


BA:LEVEL.1 32 bits = .05 seconds, 64 bits = .31 seconds


BA:TEMP.1 32 bits = .05 seconds, 64 bits = .31 seconds


As a product developer that uses the PI-SDK, it becomes hard to recommend to a customer that they should go to the 64 bit SDK with these kinds of timings.  It would be faster to use a 32 bit COM executable server that pulls data from the 32 bit SDK and marshals the resulting data across the 64 bit process boundary.