ProcessBook Add-In (New Dataset) - Setting the Description

Discussion created by sFung on Dec 10, 2010
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I wrote a Dataset Add-In that goes out to an SQL database to grab data so that I can see the data trended in ProcessBook.  The Add-In works great except I can't get the descriptions on the trend set correctly.  The NamedValues passed into the GetColumnAttributes function only has Type, Zero, Span, Stepped, and UOM, but not Description.  I tried adding a NamedValue (name=Description, value=some description) to the NamedValues, but it didn't help.  I think it can be done, according to the IDataProvider3 GetColumnAttributes Method page in ~PIPC\HELP\en\pipbvb.chm.....


Does anyone know how to set the Description for a new dataset?


The Add-In implements PBObjLib.IDataProvider3, and is written in VB.Net 2008.  I have ProcessBook; PI-SDK


Thanks in advance!  




1464.temp.PNG <- The descriptions on the bottom are all blank