Windows 7 (64) - PI Webparts - SharePoint 2010 Foundation and Visual Studio 2010 Development

Discussion created by scropley on Dec 16, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2010 by Ahmad Fattahi

I am new to OSI Tools, and working on a project to develop a SharePoint Application around AF.  For security reasons I do not have access to the lan where the site will be deployedso I have to setup the dev environment on a standalone workstation.


What I have:

  • I have installed the OSI server and tools on the workstation,  PI System Explorer 2010 works fine.
  • I have visual Studio 2010 installed and functioning fine.
  • I have installed Sharepoint 2010 Foundation functioning fine.
  • Simple Webparts created in VS2010 are insertable and debuggable with SP 2010.
  • I have installed PI_WebParts_2010_R2_x64 and can see the webparts in C:\Program Files\PIPC\RtWebParts

When I try to add a webpart non of them exist in the gallery for the SP default site, if I do an upload,  nothing appears in the gallery.


I have also tried to goto the ~\baselineservices\admin page and it does not exist


I would appreciate any help in getting me pointed in the right direction to gain access to the PI Web Partsin the default local Sharepoint site.


Thanks in advance for any help.