PISDK and Excel VBA

Discussion created by Christian.hetu on Dec 16, 2010
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We have a pretty old setup and many legacy applications in Excel VBA using the PI-SDK.


A few years ago, all the machines were using PI SDK 1.3.3 so we never had any problem.  Now some people have upgraded and we have compatibility problems.


I have a small setup here with 3 computers and 3 different version.  PI-SDK are 1.3.3, 1.3.6 and 1.3.8


If I open an excel document thah has references to pisdk.dll with any of these version, it always work if it was last saved with that version, but never with the other 2.


For example, I have a document with 1.3.3 that I open with 1.3.8, I will get errors because it does not find PISDK.Servers , PiValues, etc.


I look at the references in the VBA editor and they are not missing,they are checked.  If I save the document, it will now work for 1.3.8 but not for the other versions.


What would be the solution? 


I know about late-binding but  does anyone have an example using this with PISDK?


Thanks a lot!