Little help with IPICalculation

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Hi Everyone,


This is my first post, so first of all, thanks for the help.


What I`m trying to perform I believe that is simple, the idea is to work with 3 float 32 tags. ("_Raw"," _Comp" and " _Error")


The Tag  "_Comp" is the tag "_Raw" with a greater compression parameter.


I Want to perform the calc "_Raw" - "_Comp" (interpolated) and store the diference at tag _Error.


I have tried:


Dim _point1 As PISDK.PIPoint = _server.PIPoints("_Raw")
Dim _point2 As PISDK.PIPoint = _server.PIPoints("_Comp")
Dim _point3 As PISDK.PIPoint = _server.PIPoints("_Error")
Dim x As IPICalculation
Dim Calc As PIValues
x = myPIServer
Calc = x.Calculate("y","t", "'_Raw' - '_Comp'", SampleTypeConstants.stRecordedValues, "")
_point3.Data.UpdateValues(Calc, DataMergeConstants.dmReplaceDuplicates)


The problem is that when I double check the calculated data at excel, I don't have the same results.


Any Ideas what I'm doing wrong?