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    Adding Control to CommandBar


      How to add Control to CommandBar? In PI ProcessBook VBA Language Reference written the next code:


      Dim cbToolbar As PBCommandBar 
      Dim cbcButton As PBCommandBarButton 
      Set cbToolbar = Application.PBCommandBars("Bar1") 
      Set cbcButton = cbToolbar.Controls.Add(pbcControlButton)

       But when I try to execute code like this (in C#):

      PBCommandBarScroll timeScroll;

      compiler writes that "No overload for method 'Add' takes '1' arguments" and writes tip when Add method has 5 parametres: Type, Id, Parameter, Before, Temporary. I don't know what is Before argument.

       And another question. Can I add Control with custom type (like ScrollBar, not PBCommandBarScroll) to CommandBar?