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    Get Data out of a  Dataset


      Hello Forum!


      I want to enhance my community project (matrix view for processbook) in a way that it also displays the data from a dataset.


      With the "standard" pi data we have to do a workaround via the sdk because directly from the trend configuration we only get the "GetTraceValue" which are filtered and i want to have the original data.


      Has someone any suggestion how we should procced to get the "real calculated" data out of the dataset. (I'm not sure if a workarround with some calcualated function from the pi sdk is the best solution.

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          Ahmad Fattahi



          Sorry for the late response on this. My understanding from your post is that you would like to access some historical values of specific Datasets in ProcessBook, right? Is that the case? If yes, what is exactly the downsides of using standard Dataset methods in ProcessBook VBA? They will fetch archived data from PI Server through PI SDK, perform the calculations locally on the client side, and return the results.


          Could you elaborate some more on this?

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              As far as I know, the only way to do this is to add the dataset to a trend, and loop through the trace data using Trend.GetTraceValue. I am not sure what you mean by having to use PI SDK to get to the real data because GetTraceValue is filtered... can you please elaborate on this?