PI JDBC is consuming memory

Discussion created by nitrosecurity on Dec 31, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2011 by galich
We have problems while accessing data from PI Server using PI JDBC. We are trying to monitor all the logs generated in pilog..pimessagelog using a while loop and process them. The problems are: Prob 1>  The java application is consuming memory with time. 'top' command is showing that the memory usage is increasing.      We have not find any memory leak yet from other parts of our application. pijdbc_1.0.1.0234 version is used, given to us by OSISoft. Prob 2> The java application is running well and can fetch logs for a while ( 14 hours app ).    But after that it is observed that the DAS is sending TCP ( FYN ) message to our java client,    so no data( logs ) are coming from PI JDBC Driver.    We have set our PI Server (PI SDK 1.3.8) and DAS on same windows VM.    Is there any limit ( conf attributes ) on the data which can be inserted in "PILOG..PIMESSAGELOG"?    If so, how can we increase that ?    Please revert back to us.