Wishing to apply AF data into Radar Chart and increase axes

Discussion created by AlejandraLanier on Jan 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by Santo
Hello all, I am "brand new" to vCampus and excited to experience the knowledge base of the community first hand! Thank you in advance.  -- My goal is to create a radar chart in PI Processbook with element relative data.  The end result should look like this: (This was done in Excel) - see first diagram.  So far, in Processbook, I have created everything except the radar chart itself, with values from AF.  Here's what that looks like: - see 2nd diagram.  In addition, I downloaded the following from vCampus, ** OSIDN-RadarChart ** but this does not seem to allow me to choose tags that are Element Relative, even in VBA.  Plus, another drawback is that Page 29, Radar Chart User’s Guide, says that "The number of axes can range from 3 to 8".  I need 16 at least.  Please let me know how best to pursue.  I appreciate your help.