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    Time Zone Configuration confuses timestamp




      I currently encountered a problem that the Time Zone of my client machine is UTC-8 while my PI Server is UTC+8, which certainly caused a problem on timestamp when I was looking archived data through SMT in my Client


      But what confused me is after I adjust my Client TZ into UTC+8(same as PI Server) and adjust the time, then restart both client machine and pi server machine, the timestamp in SMT from Client is still 16 hours behind of PI Server time, which means the event is OK (value is correct) but the timestamp is exactly 16 hours behind (e.g. 10:00 AM Jan 10th on PI Server but shows 6:00 PM Jan 9th on Client the same time). I don’t know why my adjustment on TZ doesn’t work at all.


      Does anyone has the same experience or could give me some suggestion? Appreciate for that



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          I haven't seen something like this before, I guess you can try to run the following command in command prompt and see if it is set to the correct timezone:

          \program files\pipc\adm\pidiag -tz

          If the command gives you the timezone setting as a timezone of UTC-8, then it is possible that there is a localhost.tz on the client machine that is still providing the old timezone settings. You probably want to search for this file to delete it.


          Another possibility is that your client machine has a TZ variable defined in the system's environment variable. This can override the system's timezone setting and cause this problem.