PI SDK 1.4 64bit

Discussion created by TelventDMS on Jan 11, 2011
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Hello to everyone!




I have been reading for a while, and this is my first thread. I want to apologize in advance if this question was already answered, but i didn't find the answer. PI SDK 1.4 will be hopefully soon released. What bother us, in my company, is if, and if yes when, 64bit release will be officially put in process?




Maybe this is good thread to discuss it, or maybe link it to another, about following: beside buffering and writing to HA PI, there are some interesting questions, and although there were some talk about that, you might have more fresh piece of information about following:


- implementing some of currently unimplemented methods, first of all updateValues of ListData


- optimizing in terms of speed, for insert. We have some requirements for 2000 changes per second, and what i got during the tests, and what i saw here, is far away from that, when we speak about SDK.