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    PI SDK 1.4 64bit


      Hello to everyone!




      I have been reading for a while, and this is my first thread. I want to apologize in advance if this question was already answered, but i didn't find the answer. PI SDK 1.4 will be hopefully soon released. What bother us, in my company, is if, and if yes when, 64bit release will be officially put in process?




      Maybe this is good thread to discuss it, or maybe link it to another, about following: beside buffering and writing to HA PI, there are some interesting questions, and although there were some talk about that, you might have more fresh piece of information about following:


      - implementing some of currently unimplemented methods, first of all updateValues of ListData


      - optimizing in terms of speed, for insert. We have some requirements for 2000 changes per second, and what i got during the tests, and what i saw here, is far away from that, when we speak about SDK.









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          Good to hear form you!


          First off, this is a great question to ask the PI SDK team, I'll see if we can get them into this thread.


          I remember that the common dialogs are still 32bit based but that the PI SDK is already working in 64 bits, so when PI SDK 1.4 is realeased it will come in 64bits as well.


          Regarding the implementation of some methods that I will ask some help to answer this.


          The terms of speed depend a lot on value, data sent, method used, would you mind sharing your test code so the community can comment on it?

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              Unimplemnted methods will have a greater chance of being implemented the more focus they have, i.e. logging tech support tickets requesting the functionality.  Greater methods within a ListData object are what I have been waiting for too.

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                  The 1.4 release will have both a 32 and 64-bit native install kit.  They will be released at the same time. pibufss will be included.  As part of this release are several MSIL controls, PI Server PickList and Connection Manager.  We replaced the COM AboutPI-SDK with a PISDKUtility that runs on 32 or 64-bit.  There are additional utility dialogs included that you may find useful.

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                      Thank you very much! Hope it will come in first quartile of the year.


                      I will go more into details about insert data in this message. I want to notice that our customers have requests for really big systems. One of the requests is as follows:

                      1) insert rate of 2000 changes per second.

                      Whatever we tried, PI API performed better. So, we are even thinking of implementing what is needed in PI API, although it is deprecated. Personally, I would like to go with SDK.

                      Bad thing here is that those are single changes for 2000 points, or maybe few changes per tags for almost 2000 points. Creating PIValues() and filling it with data, and after performing PIPoint.Data.UpdateValues() does not suit needs, since many PIValues collection would be filled with different data and applied to different points.


                      Therefore, we have to iterate through all the points and update values with PIPoint.updateValue(). After tried different method of referencing PIData which should be updated, the best performed is the following:








                      string pointName = null;
                      PITimeServer.PITime date = new PITimeServer.PITime();
                      for (int i = 0; i < tagsNumber; i++) // we will have 1M tags
                       pointName = String.Format("dq_compare_{0:000000}", i);
                       server.PIPoints[pointName].Data.UpdateValue(120.00, date, DataMergeConstants.dmInsertDuplicates, null);


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                          Have you tried the current CTP version of PI SDK Buffering? What kind of performance do you get?

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                              Hello, thanks for the question.


                              I can say that we won't have such high demand for inserting speed (it will not be 2000 changes per second every second). We receive changes from SCADA at that rate, but not all changes will pass exception testing and not every change will trigger some functions to be calculated and written to PI.


                              I did not try CTP version of PI SDK Buffering. When i get some time, I will surely try it, and if results are promising, I will share it here with community.

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                                  Can you narrow down the release date a little better than first quarter?  I have several customers that have been waiting since last fall when the promise was 4th quarter.  

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                                      Ahmad Fattahi

                                      @Branko: Yes, please share your experience on this thread


                                      @Richard: Sorry for the confusion. I have asked our PI SDK team to chime in; hopefully they can shed some more light on the release timing.

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                                          I just updated the PI System Roadmap with the latest estimate for SDK 1.4.  We were hoping to release end of Q1, but unfortunately it looks like the release will be pushed to Q2.  It turns out there is some additional testing we need to do with many SDK-based PI products (clients, data access, analytics), so we need to ensure everything is still compatible.  We also need to verify that buffering works properly with all the various products that will support this feature.


                                          We have a UC product theater talk on SDK Buffering, and will share latest plans at that time...

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                                              On a separate note, can you provide more insight on the type of SDK-based application you are developing which requires high speed inserts?  Is it a custom interface?  If so, what is the source system?  Is there another way we can collect this data using a standard PI interface, e.g. using files?  Perhaps we need to have an offline conversation (or pull in the Interfaces PM) to discuss other ways we can help you...