Using PI SDK in ProcessBook to retrieve the time that a PI Point is equal to a value

Discussion created by mikeloria on Jan 24, 2011
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I have been digging through the forum and the SDK reference but I am unable to find the answer for this one. Please help.


I have a PI Point that has a product ID value when the particular product ID exists at a particular time in PI. When the product ID no longer exists, the PI Point than contains 7 blanks ("       ")


I want to use this PI Point to set the time range in processbook for a trend. The customer enters the product ID and a time range(to minimize the search time) and clicks a command button. The timestamp when the value is equal to the product ID in the PI point is returned and also a second call is made to find the timestamp of the "       "  value to setthe end of the timestamp.


I asked for something like this using batch but batch may not be the best choice because soemtime the products overlap and writing to the batch fails since only one active batch point can exist at a time.


I thank you for your help in this matter.