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    64-bit PI-SDK readiness


      Hello, we're porting our application to native 64-bit (x64), and I've installed the 64-bit version of the PI-SDK (  A couple of questions based on some of the previous forum stuff I've seen here:


      1) The AboutPI-SDK.exe program is not there.  How would a customer add a server to the known servers table, without doing it programatically?  It sounds like 1.4 may address this, and if no other way to add/view/edit the known servers table (without writing a new program), when is the release date of that?


      2) Is the 64-bit PI-SDK build ready for production use?  Or which version of the PI-SDK 64-bit is recommended?  Obviously any stability issues would be a primary concern, but similar performance as the 32-bit version would also be a requirement.  If there's some sort of comparison matrix or some other link I should look at, that'd be more that satisfactory.


      Any light to shed on the above would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks! -Joe

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          Ahmad Fattahi

          64-bit: Yes, there will be controls and utilities as part of the 64-bit release.  The original release was intended for web apps that utilize their own connection management interface, or auto-add KST maintenance.  But otherwise, use the 32-bit About PI-SDK until the next release is out there.


          Release schedule: According to our road map the release of PI SDK 2011 (version 1.4) is scheduled for the second quarter of 2011.


          Performance: speed is equivalent for 64-bit native code.