SQC Recalculate

Discussion created by mikeloria on Jan 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2011 by Ahmad Fattahi
I have a concern in using SQC alarms because if I am manually entering in lab quality data, there will be instances in which I need to update or delete data that has been entered. This data is stored in a PI point that is the source point for the SQC, I believe that the SQC will not reflect these changes. Example: Say I have an SQC point that will go out of control if a value is above a threshold of 7. Someone enters a value of 4 and afrter enetring in more data, later on notices that this value should have been 8. A change is made to the archive. I observe that the SQC point does not reflect this change and will not show an alarm. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you