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    PI Products and Win7


      Hello dear community,


      I am new here so apologize if this is the wrong thread for my question...


      My problem so far is that I am trying to install some OSIsoft Products on my new Win7 OS but some components won't work while the installation runs.


      What do I install:




      Win7 System: Windows 7 Enterprice 32 bit


      Problem1: Process Book
      An error (the first error) occurs while the installation of process book when it comes to the installation of OSIsoft MS Runtime Redistributable Addendum. There is no further information about that but just the error 2803.


      What I tried there was to take that point out of the installation list in setup.ini. Unfortunately I get a trouble a bit later when it comes to install the process book component inself.


      Problem2: PISMT_2010
      An error occurs when it somes to the component PI Spt (one of the components in installation list). There is just an error without any comments.


      Did anyone have the same expirience? I guess there might be a simple way to fix that. For instance there was a problem with my PIDataLink_2010. But after adding
      MSOffice = xxxx
      where xxxx equals 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, or 2010.
      to setup.ini everything works...


      Thanks to everyone in advance!



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          Ahmad Fattahi



          Good to see you here on OSIsoft vCampus Forums! Here is an excerpt from PI Processbook 3.2 release notes:


          "The following operating system platforms (with minimum Service Pack requirements noted, where they apply) are supported:

          • Windows XP SP2
          • Windows Vista
          • Windows 2003 Server SP1
          • Windows 2008 Server

          Note that saving a file in Microsoft Vista or Windows 2008 to a restricted area, e.g. Program Files\PIPC, results in the file being stored in the users VirtualStore folder although PI ProcessBook continues to report that the file is saved in the restricted area."


          Having said that, I would like to suggest you try OSIsoft regular Tech Support for your question. OSIsoft vCampus is the best place for programming-related questions around a PI System. OSIsoft Tech Support, on the other hand, is best staffed and trained to tackle other end-user and system administrator question like the ones of yours. Hope this helps and see your programming questions here 

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              Hello Ahmad,


              thank you for your rapid answer here.


              Actually I am already in contact with OSIsoft Tech Support. We still working on this problem so... If there is any wishes for that I can post our results when we are finished.


              According to OSIsoft homepage all products (or at least Process Book) are compatible to Windows 7, so I hope to find a solution for my special problem, too. I also already installed an older version of Process Book on an other Win7 system. So I am quite positiv about that.


              As soon as everything works there will follow my programming questions, too :)


              Thanks again!