PI Products and Win7

Discussion created by AlexSempf on Feb 14, 2011
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Hello dear community,


I am new here so apologize if this is the wrong thread for my question...


My problem so far is that I am trying to install some OSIsoft Products on my new Win7 OS but some components won't work while the installation runs.


What do I install:




Win7 System: Windows 7 Enterprice 32 bit


Problem1: Process Book
An error (the first error) occurs while the installation of process book when it comes to the installation of OSIsoft MS Runtime Redistributable Addendum. There is no further information about that but just the error 2803.


What I tried there was to take that point out of the installation list in setup.ini. Unfortunately I get a trouble a bit later when it comes to install the process book component inself.


Problem2: PISMT_2010
An error occurs when it somes to the component PI Spt (one of the components in installation list). There is just an error without any comments.


Did anyone have the same expirience? I guess there might be a simple way to fix that. For instance there was a problem with my PIDataLink_2010. But after adding
MSOffice = xxxx
where xxxx equals 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, or 2010.
to setup.ini everything works...


Thanks to everyone in advance!