Dynamic tag creation using wildcard search in ACE.

Discussion created by mikeaspin on Feb 15, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2011 by RJKSolutions
I will start with what I wish to achieve first as others may have better ideas!! I have a requirement from our system health guys to log/trend the number of 'Bad Input' signals coming from our DCS. Initially this would be for all tags (~20,000) as one total, but later extending this to smaller groups of tags identified by wildcard searches. The result only needs to be calculated once a day at (say) midnight. Maybe as an later  enhancement to include counts of other statuses and stale/timed out values. What I had planned to do was set up an ACE calculation having a property for the wildcard and a single output tag for the result. However I cannot find a way within ACE to search for tags. Several discussion threads have detailed dynamic creation and use of tags but nothing on searching. Is this possible? Another way I have considered is using SQL via ODBC. I have a SQL statement that works and returns results as required however it does not offer the flexibility of the ACE environment. Perhaps a way to make an SQL call from ACE? Any advice / code snippets greatly appreciated!