A failuare of generating OSIDAAuto.OPCServer

Discussion created by dorisliper on Feb 17, 2011
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Dear Sir/Madam


We'd like to use OSIDAAuto.OPCServer, but an exception occurs as follows when we generate OSIDAAuto.OPCServer. "error message:the following error occurred:80040154 when obtaining the COM class factory of component including CLSID{25E4451E-DA6A...}" We think that registering COM componet is done well, because the same key exists in the registry. Please let me know if you know another reason.


Environment OS:Windows Server Enterprise SP2 (64Bit)
developing tool:Visual Studio 2008(VB.NET / 3.5SP1)
Source Code

Dim myOPCServer AS OSIDAAuto.OPCServer = new OSIDAAuto.OPCServer()


Sincerely yours, Yamaguchi