TagSearch Dialog Freeze

Discussion created by jeffjamesmcmahon on Feb 22, 2011
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We are using the PI.SDK for an application that uses the TagSearch Dlg to allow the user to configure which tags are included in the application.  We use the follow code (C#) to instantiate the dlg and get the points from it...


TagSearch tagSearch = new TagSearchClass ();


var nv = new NamedValuesClass ();
string defaultServer = _piServerName;
object defaultServerObj = defaultServer;
nv.Add (defaultServer, ref defaultServerObj);


_PointList points = tagSearch.Show (nv, TagSearchOptions.tsoptDisableServerPickList);




Pretty simple stuff.  We have noticed a "pattern" in our QA cycle and wonder if anyone has seen this ?


Run this code (by clicking our menu item), within the resulting TagSearch Dlg use all the defaults click search to return all tags. (Our demo server has ~6000 tags).  Pick a small subset of tags (a dozen or so) and hit ok on TagSearch.  Then run it again right away.  Try the same default search.


We see the TagSearch dlg freeze.  Only the "Abort" button is enabled and the status bar shows 1% complete.  The only way we have found to exit from this state is to kill the process.


I should also add that if you narrow your search ("foo*" on tag description or whatever) on your first search, then everything works as expected.  It only freezes on us when we use defaults ("*") for all fields.


Are we missing some cleanup code ?  Any ideas ?




Tech Details :


latest released version of PI SDK, hitting PI Server 3.4.380.36 for PISDK, PISDKCommon, PITimeServer, PISDK.Controls.PISDKCtrlDlg for PISDKCtl, PISDKDlg