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    Integration with Cognos 8


      We are currently running Cognos 8 and wish to integrate PI as a data source for Cognos 8. What is the best route for doing this? I am confused now because we have all these different connectivity methods such as OLEDB and JDBC,.... I was originally considering PI OLEDB. We are currently running PI 2010 and are in process of obtaining a PSA server license.


      One concern that I have is the complex querying. many times I need to do multiple inner joins to bring back a several values at once. Is there a different startegy for doing this if the target is Cognos.


      I thank you very much for your kind response,

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          What's your concern re. "complex" queries? Can you give examples?


          How much data (rows) will you be pulling out?


          PI JDBC requires JRE6 support.  


          We do have customers using PI data w/Cognos. See Techsupport call #304928 - in brief, he ended up using PI as a Linked Server in SQL Server (using PI OLEDB), and connected Cognos to SQL Server using Microsoft's SQL Server ODBC Driver

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              I would also like to hear more about your "complex query" concern.


              Small addition here: in case your version of Cognos does not support the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 6 and you cannot use PI JDBC, another option is expose the PI System via one or more Linked Servers in SQL Server (e.g. the SQL Server you use for AF). Then you access it from Cognos using the SQL Server ODBC (or JDBC) driver.