Monitoring website metrics

Discussion created by LMouxDominguez on Feb 27, 2011

Say one has a couple of websites and one wants to keep the history of a couple interesting metrics. Say, to start, one wants to monitor how long it takes to load a given page. This case would be the conceptual equivalent of what the tcpresponse does.


To my knowledge there is no out of the box product to do this so it is an integration question.


How have you done this? How would you do it? Am I not remembering a product?


I have a couple of ideas but haven't would definitely like to hear from you:

  • employ the html interface in increased debug mode (/deb=4) and then parse the time it took to download a page from either the pisdk (if pipc migration is enabled) or pipc logs
    • there would be anywhere from 2 to n message log entries in between with possibly several lines each
    • parsing can be done with custom app, via pi oledb, ufl, etc.
  • parse the IIS logs (or logs for whatever http server one is using)
    • if this approach is taken one ends parsing all requests which might be useful for other metrics but maybe is an overkill for
    • this is kind of what they do in this MSDN blog but we'll be keeping the history in PI
  • write an ACE calculation
    • this might be useful if one is doing other metrics and number crunching
  • write a script (python, powershell, whatever) and write directly to pi
    • ditto on the above



Also what kind of metrics do you gather?




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