How to get PI Server details ( IP, port etc) from DAS

Discussion created by nitrosecurity on Feb 28, 2011
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We have a Java client on a Linux system which connects to PI DAS using PI JDBC.
DAS name ,IP, port etc are known to us.


We want to know the details of PI Server ( IP Address, name, PI Server port ( not default) etc ) from DAS.


 1>  Is there any way to collect these metrics ?
 2>  Which db should we connect ( if at all) to get them using SQL ?


We have an API to get the same ( but in that case the c program and PI Server has to be on the same


PIINT32 piut_netserverinfo( char PIPTR *namestr, int32 namelen,
   char PIPTR *addressstr, int32 addresslen, int32 PIPTR *connected );


In our case  PI DAS and our java client can be on the same subnet and DAS and PI Server interface may be on a different subnet.