Tag data reference substitution strings

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This is not AF-SDK related so I am not sure where it should go, possibly not in VCampus at all. I have a support call open for it but was also wondering whether the crowd here has any advice...


I have the template shown below.




These templates are used to build a hierarchy  of cluster->Parish->Site->Transformer


The tag name for Air temperature, and indeed all the other tags in the KPIs attribute, is built using the Site Id of the parent Site using %@..\Site ID% and the Transformer ID of the transformer. Note that this is the Site ID attribute of the parent site, not the attribute of the transformer that you can see in the screenshot. However I do want to get the Transformer ID that you can see in the screenshot but I can't figure out what incantation to use. The AF help does not explain the substitution parameters very well. If I do %@Transformer ID% as in the screenshot then it looks for a sibling attribute of Air Temperature but I want a sibling attribute of the parent. The parent attribute for Air Temperature is KPIs and I want a sibling property of that. How do I do this?


Here is a screenshot of the built hierarchy




As you can see, it is able to substitute the Site Id from the St Thomas Hospital site element (I checked and it is definitely getting the property from there and not from from the Transformer T1 element) but I just can't see how to get the Transformer ID.


Is there a complete reference page these substitution parameters that is more comprehensive than the one in the AF System Explorer help?




--- Alistair.


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