PI Eventing - Multiple Tags processing

Discussion created by jagadeesh.macherla on Mar 1, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2011 by andreas

Hi Team


As per our requirement, we need to get notified whenever the value of any PI Tag in our eventpipe changes. To achieve this, we have subscribed to the OnNewValueChanged() event. Whenver the new value is recieved in this event, we are pushing it to our local repositery for further processing.


The issue is that, after getting about 10000 notifications, no further notifications are recieved in OnNewValueChanged() event. We understand this is due to MaxCount property of EventPipe object. We have also tried to set the MaxCount property to 100K, but still only 10000 notifications are recieved.


Please suggest how we can achieve the desired behavior. Is there any way to flush out the event pipe so that new notifications can be recieved after count reaches to Maxcount?