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    Shorten Default Digital States Message when Status is "Set to Bad"(247) in Processbook


      Hi Vcampus!


      I have quite a lot of  values on my ProcessBook screen, and many of them are averages (the averages are AF attributes).


      It is common that some individual values used to calculate the averages are not available, so the average value becomes a message saying "Data was not available for Attribute 'Station1.Temperature A' " .


      However, I have many values on the screen and the error messages start overlapping with each other as well as blocking the good values, and it ends up pretty messy.  So it would be great for me if all the messages are shortened to "Pt N/A"


      I checked that the Status of such a value is "Set to Bad", and the corresponding Status Number is 247.


      So in PI System Manager > Points > Digital States > Under MYDATABASE > SYSTEM, I changed "Set to Bad" to "Pt N/A" , a message box comes up saying


      "State 247 is in the reserved system state range. Are you sure you want to edit it?"


      I clicked "yes" and restarted the computer, but when I checked my ProcessBook screen, the error mesages are still the same.


      So I'm wondering if it's possible to shorten the message by using some other methods?


      Thanks very much!





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          Ahmad Fattahi



          Here are a couple questions for you. When you say you "restarted the computer" did you restart the PI Server or the box with PI ProcessBook (in case they are on different machines)? Also, do you see the same string for new values as well or only the ones that used to be long? In other words, if a new problematic average comes up, does it still show the old string? How about clients other than PI ProcessBook? Do they also show the long string? Hope the answer to these questions lead you in the right direction.


          I am gathering that your question is not specifically programming-related. If that's the case I would like to follow up future correspondences about this issue with our regular Tech Support. They are best equipped to address end-user and system administrator-type questions. But if you are coding your way through by all means let us continue this conversation here on vCampus