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    ProcessBook Relative File Path in a Button






      This might be a daft question but how do you declare a relative file path in a ProcessBook Button when using it to open a file.


      When you go to select a file path it always asks for an absolute path. I notice there is a use relative before absolute check box, but it does not appear to work.





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          Ahmad Fattahi



          By default, ProcessBook attempts to open a linked display from its relative path first. If the relative path fails, then the absolute path is attempted. Clearing this box reverses the order in which the paths are resolved. For new displays, this option is checked by default.


          Is this what you are experiencing? If not, please share what you are entering and selecting in other fields and what behavior you experience. Would you like to try the absolute path before relative?

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              If I may kindly suggest, this type of question might be better handled by our regular Technical Support - they will be able to start a remote desktop sharing session, see exactly what's going on, and point you in the right direction.


              Generally speaking, Tech Support is better suited for PI System Administration and End-User questions, whereas vCampus focuses on PI Programming and Integration topics.