How to change/rename tagname of PiPoint

Discussion created by wpurrer on Mar 7, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2011 by andreas

Hello Group,


I've a job where I need to change the attributes of PIPoints.


This works well for almost all attributes by setting ReadOnly to false - change the attributes- and change ReadOnly to true.


BUT - I also want to change the Tagname so I tried to change the "tag" attribute but always when I want to do this I get an Exception:


"Failed to update point attribute(s) on server.  [-10567] Point ID does not match Tag or Tag rename to same name"


I do the rename like this way:


piPoint.PointAttributes[TAG].Value = tag; //tag is a string


Does somebody know what I'm doing wrong - I think maybe it is not allowed to change the tagname?
Is there any other possibilitie to change the tagname by using the SDK?


Hope to hear from somebody soon