Performance Equation Issue

Discussion created by mikeloria on Mar 11, 2011
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I believe that I am missing an event in a performance equation because the PIPoint that triggers the event has 2 events that are 1 second apart. In the above trend, the yellow line is a performance equation that gets set based on the value of the green line and the blue line. The performance equation is event based and triggered off of the green line. The timestamp is set to be the same time as the green line but there is a .7 second difference. When the green line drops down, the yellow line should do the same but it does not get reset until the next event which is 5 minutes later and is not shown here. The time between the 2 events for the green line is 1 second which I think might be the problem.


Is there something I can do to properly capture and evaluate events that are 1 second apart?


Thank you for your help in this matter


What can I do