Question on PItoPI deployment and architecture

Discussion created by omasse on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on May 18, 2011 by RJKSolutions

I'm involved in the early planning stages of what should eventually become over the years a 1.5M point PI System. The various development and testing teams will require real world data for their purposes, and we'll be using PItoPI to synchronize whatever points they need from the production environment. Currently, 5 PItoPI receiving nodes are planned.


I'm (quickly) skimming through the PItoPI documentation. Not being a PI admin, I don't understand much... but I do notice a lot of performance-related caveats and I'm a little concerned about suggesting starting 5 PItoPI source servers on the production system. Maybe that is a common setup and I'd like to know if some people here are doing this.


If that is too much, what strategy would be the best to ensure that the production PI system won't be impacted by all these PItoPI's? Using a dedicated interface node? Or simply replicating everything using a lone PItoPI to an alternate system which has no performance requirements, and running the other PItoPI's downstream from there?