Preserving Elements' UniqueIds during export/Import of an AF database.

Discussion created by pierre-henry on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2011 by spilon

One of our PI-AF based application is using the UniqueID (built as a GUID) of an element as the reference to that object within its own internal database.


We require having  a test and production environment for that application.


However, when we export the AF Database from the production server and import it back into another AF Database on the test server we see that the UniqueIDs of elements are changed. This occurs even when we tick the "Include UniqueId" in the export settings.


The same happens when using PI AF Builder (Excel plug-in) to move an element from one database to an other one. I am using the "Import Element from AF" to get the element description including the UniqueId. When I use "Export to Excel" to another database, a new UniqueId is created for that element.


Did anyone can explain how I can duplicate my AF Dabase preserving the UniqueId ?


Many thanks in advance.