PI AF System Explorer : False error using formula on attributes of type "string"

Discussion created by pierre-henry on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2011 by aabrodsky

It looks that the "Formula Data Reference" is not working when we use attribute of type "string". At least, the PI AF System Explorer is displaying an error message.


I have created a single-element with 2 attributes model to demonstrate :


attribute1 is a static attribute of type string, the contents of which is a simpe string "MyString"


attribute2 is a Forumal Data Reference that should simply refer to the value of attribute1.


PI AF System Explorer displays a strange error message : "Data was not available for attribute 'Attribute1': myString"


It Looks like the system is accessing properly the value but with a status stating that there is an error !


Any explanation from AF experimented users ? Thanks in advance....