Looking for best method to query for Tag Scan Rates...

Discussion created by jeffjamesmcmahon on Mar 15, 2011
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I am in need of a reliable method of querying the PI system for a Tag's scan rate at the interface (the /f: values from the interface's batch file).


Here is the approach that I am thinking of taking...


1) Use Location4 to fetch the index of /f


2) Query the MDB for \\servername\Modules\%OSI\Interfaces\servername\interfacename\Properties\Arguments - i see there are /f{1}, /f{2} etc


I have several questions around this technique:

  1. Is it the correct path to take ?
  2. Is there a guarantee that all of the installed interfaces will be available using this technique ? (I don't see the Random interface when i look through MDB using PI SMT->Operation->ModuleDatabase... and I know its being used for the default points.)

Thanks !