Referencing AF Categories

Discussion created by TomHosea on Mar 17, 2011
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I am referencing a complex element using the AF SDK and only want to see Attributes related to a specific category.


I'm using VB.Net and the only methods that I see are: 


Categories - which is a user defined collection of categories for the object that can be used for querying or reporting.


CategoriesString - which is a property that returns a string containing a semi-colon separated list of the categories.






These are exposed after I connect to my PI Server, AF Server and database and I instantiate an element.






        Dim myPISystems As New OSIsoft.AF.PISystems()

        Dim myPISystem As OSIsoft.AF.PISystem

        Dim myAFDB As OSIsoft.AF.AFDatabase

        Dim myElement As OSIsoft.AF.Asset.AFElement

        Dim sString as String


        ' Connect to the default PI Server and the AF database named "test"

        myPISystem = myPISystems.DefaultPISystem

        myAFDB = myPISystem.Databases("test")

        myElement = myAFDB.Elements.Item(1)

        sString = myElement.CategoriesString()  ' This returns an empty string.





Any suggestions are appreciated. Ultimately, I am trying to query AF for elements that are only part of a specific category so I can minimize the data returned. My next question is going to be about using GetInputs instead of GetValue. Feel free to answer this question also.


Thanks in advance,


Tom Hosea