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    Totals in Performance Equations


      I need a way in a performance equation to get a sum of all the values for a PI point over time. I cannot find a function that does this and I have to believe that there is one given all the things that PEs can do. Something like:


      Sum('pi tag','*-8h','*')


      It would also be nice to be able to filter as well like only values < 120


      I know there is not a sum function but is there some way of doing this and the filtering?


      Thank you so much for your considerations

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          As for the sum you could multiply the number of events (EventCount) with the mean value (TagMean).


          If this is plain PE, you may contact techsupport. If you want to do it in code, I guess the best way is not using PE and simply retriving the compressed data from PI and do the math in your program.