Auto saving VBA in a Process Book display

Discussion created by Sanjeeb on Mar 22, 2011
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I have a peculiar issue. I have created a PB display with dropdown buttons inserted in the display. This has been kept in a remote server and users who have access to this page have READ ONLY rights. Whenever a user makes some selection in the dropdown and goes out of this display without saving (since she doesn't have WRITE access to this page) and comes back again, she won't see her last selection/changes which is pretty obvious. Please note that whenever some change is made to the dropdown a value is being written to the corresponding PI Tag.


Let me sight an example: I have a dropdown control wherein I have 2 items, say, "AVAILABLE" and "REMOVE". The values for "AVAILABLE" and "REMOVE" are 0 and 1 respectively. Say, a PI Tag being used is AveRem.PV. The user chooses,say,"REMOVE" and thus 1 is written down to AveRem.PV. Now, since the user doesn't have WRITE access i.e. she can't save this display, whenever she goes out of the display and comes back again she still sees "AVAILABLE" and not "REMOVE" as per her last selection. This is obvious since she couldn't save the display once she made changes in the display for it to take effect.


My question is, is there a way to auto save a display as and when some changes are made on the display? In that case, the user who doesn't have WRITE access to this page won't bother much and once she makes some changes in the dropdown and goes out without saving and once she comes back, she would see the last selection made (i.e. in this example above she would see "REMOVE" per her last selection and not AVAILABLE).