PI OLEDB Enterprise - connection issues

Discussion created by kkolli on Mar 23, 2011
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I am trying to get data from PI using PI OLEDB ENT.


I am trying to access a view. This view works fine in SQLcommander , but not in my .Net code.




picmd.CommandType =


picmd.CommandText =


"SELECT * FROM [XYZ].[DATA].[V_Accessible_Turbines]";


The error i get is -


"[OSIsoft.AF.Asset.DataReference.PIPoint] The requested server was not found in the known servers table. Unable to resolve name to IP address. XXXXX"


This particualr view is getting data from Asset schema as well as Data snapshot.


My code works fine for all the other queries, that use only asset Schema. Is it a permissions issue?




I need to display 10 pi data points on a web page, and this webpage needs to be refreshed every 30 seconds.


which approach would give me more performance? OLEDB or SDK?






Keerthi Kolli