Text to speech Alarming with PI-Notifications

Discussion created by mikeloria on Mar 31, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2011 by andreas

I have a very interesting business case for PI notifications:


I would like to send out a notification to a device or process that will provide a voice alarm to a control room. OpenVMS has had this technology available for years and they called it dectalk. Dectalk would receive text and it would convert it to speech (text to speech).


I think the best implementation of this is to have it server message driven. The PI system sends the text based on a trigger such as a notification and then some device or process running on a computer performs the text to speech. This way it is highly scalable and all the configuration for the text to speech alarms can be centralized on the server. An additional enhancement might also be to have the voice alarm to be acknowledged and if it is not acknowlwedged in a certain period, the alarm could be escalated to an email notification.


Has anyone done anything like this or have any suggestions? I am also looking for a recomendation on what to use to perform the text to speech possibly a device or process.