PI Web Part Connections: Child AF Elements

Discussion created by aabrodsky on Apr 4, 2011
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We have an Asset Hierarchy, where pieces of equipment have sub-elements with their attributes.


For example:




Whereas THP is a child element to the Well. And Pressure is an Attribute of the element THP.


And say we have a PI Trend, which should show several parameters of a well and should be context-connected with PI TreeView.


User should be able to choose a well and see on the trend THP|Pressure, CHP|Pressure, etc.


I haven't been able to figure out how to establish such a connection adding child-elements. For each trace in PI Trend we can specify an Attribute Name and Attribute Context, which can be connected to PI TreeView.


So in our case, Attribute Context is Element Path to the well, \Wells\Well1


Attribute Name is Value


And I couldn't find a way to add a reference to child element THP into that configuration.


Hope I managed to explain this understandable