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Questions - Web Service Endpoint Feature

Discussion created by Lonnie Bowling Champion on Apr 5, 2011
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After seeing the new Notifications 2010 R2 at the UC, I have renewed interest in extending it.  I have a few questions.  First take a look at the below screen shot, which is from the current version of PI Notifications and is used to configure a webservice endpoint:








I plan on creating a web service, but before I do that, what "Values" are available in the mapping area?  I can't find this called out in the documentation.


The next question is about "on close" check box.  My understanding is that if this is checked, a second notification will be sent when the notification clears, is this correct?


Moving on, next question.. Is it possible to have my web service connect back to the notification service to acknowledge a notification? Or do I have to use the AF/AN SDK to make that happen?


Finally, my last question is will any of this functionality change with the new release?


Thanks and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the new release soon!? :)