Setting the time of a value Symbol

Discussion created by mikeloria on Apr 7, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2011 by spilon

In processbook, we have the value symbol which we can set the PI tag and it will display the latest value for the PI Tag. I wish to be able to display what the value was at a certain time. Is there a way to do this in VBA? Is there a way to do this for all the value symbols on a particular display? My use case is that I am setting a time range through VBA for a trend using a user inputted value. I would like all the value symbols on the display to be set to the begin time that I use to set the trend.


I remember their was a cursor example where depending on where the cursor was on the timeline, the value symbols would display the value at that time but I cannot find that example.


Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.