What is the interface I can use to access to the PIPOINTS update in C#?

Discussion created by raoul.morel on Apr 13, 2011
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Hello everyBody,


I have a VB program (given by techsupport) which allows to get an event when a tag is modified created deleted.




The VB program is like  :



Dim myEventPipeAccess As PISDK.IEventPipeAccess 

Dim myEventPipe as PISDK.EventPipe 

Dim myServer as PISDK.Server 

Set myPipeAccess = myServer.PIPoints 

set MyEventPipe = myPipeAccess.EventPipe 

If MyEventPipe.Count > 0 Then 

objEvents = MyEventPipe.TakeAll 










It is working perfectly and I can get some events concerning modifications in the PI Server.


But when I tried to do the same in C# using the same kind of interface



mEventPipeAccess = mPIServer.PIPoints as PISDK.IEventPipeAccess; 

mEventPipe = mEventPipeAccess.EventPipe as PISDK.EventPipe; 





I don't have any result. 


And if I look at the Events member of EventPipe I have something like :


Interface Not Implemented




What did I wrong and do you have any idea to solve my Problem ?


Thank you in advance.