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    Error when running PI ace module through PIACDEWizard


      I have written a program to calculate a pi-tag. but when i test the program, i get the following error:


      'The following error occurred in the ACE Module: Conversion from string "I/O Timeout" to type 'Single' is not valid."


      i tried both 'Get Current Values' and 'Get Typical Values' option, but get the same result.


      The program is written in vb.net using Visual Studio 2005.


      The input variables are all defined as type 'Single'


      Not sure what I am doing wrong.


      Any suggestions would be helpful.


      Thanks, Mini

        • Re: Error when running PI ace module through PIACDEWizard

          It seems like you are trying to force a text string coming from a tag in a bad status (I/O Timeout) into a numerical variable (type single). VB is telling you it cannot find a way to convert that text into a number...


          It would help make more precise suggestions if we had a little snippet of the code you are trying to write, but essentially it seems like you will need to


           1. Add an "If" statement to determine whether the value you are going to work with is a number of not


           2. Take different actions for a text string (bad status) value, than you would for a numerical (good) value


          Hope this helps!