What is the effect of the creation of a PI tag in an archive.

Discussion created by philco on Apr 14, 2011
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First off I'm not sure I'm posting under the right topic but here we go. In one of our applications there's an option to check the values from a PLC address. The user enters the information (PLC, topic, address,...) and waits for a returning value. To achieve this I'm creating a PI point with the appropriate instrument tag and default values.


It is working fine but I'm wondering what is the best practice in regard of the impact on the archives. Is it best to create and delete a new tag each time (that's what I'm currently doing) or to keep using the same tag, specifically created for that purpose, each time? Right now the tag is created and then deleted as soon as the value is gathered, in less than a minute. In the other case a tag would be created forever and would be reused on and on.


In my understanding, when a tag is created there's only one record in the archive that is allocated for that tag, as long as it is not filled up by the values; then another record is allocated, etc... So, am I right to think that in this case only one record in the current archive will be used, not more?