Tricky AF calculation

Discussion created by AlistairFrith on Apr 18, 2011
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I am not sure that this should be here but I can't see anywhere else to put it.


The customer needs an AF atttribute that, for any particular time, states whether a tag is at its daily maximum. So we would have raw tag values and corresponding AF attribute values like this:



time             Raw Value        AF Attribute value

Monday 06:00       10.5              False

Monday 06:15       32.6              True

Monday 08:00       29.3              False

Monday 15:07       11.4              False

Tuesday 05:32       25.3              False

Tuesday 08:47       19.6              False

Tuesday 10:16       31.3              True

Tuesday 14:07       11.4              False



They essentially want to be able to see that maximums tend to occur around 06:15 and 10:15. I have code that will pick up an attributes values and plot them on a 'time of day' graph, I just need the AF attribute to indicate whether a value is the largest for the day.


Any suggestions?


--- Alistair.